HOWTO : Start, stop, suspend multiple suspended/saved virtual machines

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This post will be for a junior administrator or maybe advanced user I should say. I’m Windows administrator and I’m preparing, testing my solutions in virtual labs.
I’m using Hyper-V, because it’s free, now if you have a Windows 8.1, but Professional or better, it’s built feature – so goodbye VMWare player, Worstation and so on.
Many times my labs contain multiple virtual machines, that means I have to start, stop, suspend,save them. Clicking on each machine to perform this simple actions is pretty annoying, so what to do to start them all, in my case most of my machines are in the suspended or saved state. And again with help comes, the one, the only, the mighty – Powershell.
To manage Hyper-V with Powershell we need to import Hyper-V powershell module.
The simple command to list all virtual machines in the “Saved” on Hyper-V server you need to type the command below

The possible virtual machine states in Hyper-V are : Running, Off, Saved, Suspended, So to start, for example all machines in “Saved” state, just run the powershell command

That’s it.
So when the work on the lab is finished let’s suspend them

This is the end.
This post was to show you, dear Reader, simplest powershell commands for managing Hyper-V. To see all Hyper-V commands, type in powershell

Again thanks for reading and do not get your face booked or tweeted. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me by the form below.

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