Strange registry issue when while trying to add reg value through SCCM

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I’m a SCCM rookie and recently I had to set a registry value in HKLM\Software key, so I wrote a simple batch file and using “reg add HKLM/Software/MyKey  /v MyValueName /t REG_Dword /d 1” command and I put it in the batch file. So how the situation works :

  • when I ran the batch file manually the reg key and value was created and set properly
  • when I tried to run same batch file through SCCM the reg key wasn’t created and value was not set

So I started to do some small research using Systinternals Process Monitor. After reviewing the process monitor log, I found that the registry key and value were in fact created, but under  HKLM/Software/SysWOW6432\MyKey, so on the redirected 32bit node. That’s happening because client is 32-bit application.

To correct this you just need to add “/reg:64” it the “reg add ” command.

There is a great post about it on Brpo’s Blog

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