Windows 8/8.1 Pro – Hyper-V, Hypervisor is not running

Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise versions have a built-in Hyper-V feature, which can be really useful while building a homelab. To sucessfully enable this feature you need to you need the following :

  • Operating System version, mentioned before
  • BIOS-level Hardware Virtualization support
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • 64 bit processor with SLAT (Second Level Address Translation)

Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2012/2012R2 can be installed without SLAT, however if you want to enable Hyper-V feature on Windows 8/8.1 without SLAT, simply forget about it. Continue reading

HOWTO : Find all users in Active Directory who haven’t logged in longer than 90 days

powershell-icon-152-191890Here comes another howto. I was asked few times to find users that haven’t logged to the domain for a defined amount of time, that I decided write few words how to handle it. The easiest way to achieve that is use of “Saved Queries” in Active Directory Users and Computers console. To do that you simply right-click on the “Saved Queries”, choose New->Query


Then you simply type the name of the query, you can also define specific OU for that and click define query. In the common queries, in the bottom you can choose to find users who has not logged on for some amount of time, counted in days.


It’s the easiest way to find the users … However I would like to have a list in let say CSV file. Here comes the powershell … again. Continue reading

HOWTO : Start, stop, suspend multiple suspended/saved virtual machines

This post will be for a junior administrator or maybe advanced user I should say. I’m Windows administrator and I’m preparing, testing my solutions in virtual labs.
I’m using Hyper-V, because it’s free, now if you have a Windows 8.1, but Professional or better, it’s built feature – so goodbye VMWare player, Worstation and so on.
Many times my labs contain multiple virtual machines, that means I have to start, stop, suspend,save them. Clicking on each machine to perform this simple actions is pretty annoying, so what to do to start them all, in my case most of my machines are in the suspended or saved state. And again with help comes, the one, the only, the mighty – Powershell. Continue reading

HOWTO : Bulk group name change in the Active Directory by adding a prefix using powershell

During my work I faced many scripting challenges, the one I describe now is very simple and this post will be really short, but dear Reader it can help you to solve some similar cases. So in my case issue was  to change all Active Directory group names in one organizational unit by adding the prefix. Continue reading

The begining

So it happened, I’ve opened my blog.

What’s gonna be here … Well I’m Windows Sys Admin, so I’ll put here problems, cases and solutions I faced in my life, some curiosities. That’s for IT world, on the other side I will try to describe my adventures, journeys.

Dear Reader I hope this site will be interesting for you and you will be returning here …